Guides to Replacing and Upgrading Your Router with pfSense®

Security is imperative for both regular and business users alike. If you want to grow your business and reach new heights, you will have to do all in your power to increase your safety. This is why it can be a magnificent idea to replace your old router.
It doesn’t matter if you want to replace a broken D-Link or Linksys router or if you want to get the best router on the market, the idea remains the same. Your information can easily be accessed by other people, that is unless you improve and boost your security to the best of your capabilities. pfSense® software can help in this regard! This site is dedicated to providing guides to replacing broken D-Link or Linksys routers with pfSense®.

What is pfSense®?

pfSense® is a free industry leading enterprise firewall that can also be easily used by regular users. With its help, you get to have more control over who accesses your content, when it can be accessed and what type of control you offer to the other users.
pfSense® doesn’t stop here though. It also integrates a plethora of other cool benefits. It has lots of add-on features built right into the software package manager. These include Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention System. You can also find SquidGuard, which is a very powerful web filtering tool. All of these are great tools that you can install free of charge as add-ons.

Why should you replace your wireless router with pfSense®?

There are many reasons why pfSense® is the better option. Since pfSense® software works best with specific hardware requirements, you will find that it’s a lot easier to control and customize. The value is indeed second to none because of that. You will also like the fact that pfSense® is easier to upgrade, and that can do wonders in this area. There are many different ways to upgrade to pfSense®; either upgrade an old computer or purchasing a designated pfsense nuc type device.

What type of features can you expect from using pfSense®?

As we mentioned above, pfSense® is free software, and all you need is the right hardware to run and optimize it properly. This means you can harness a wide range of features as fast as possible. Aside from the features listed above, pfSense® also integrates NTP, DHCP Server support, Dynamic DNS support as well as OpenVPN® and IPsec VPN support; just to name a few. This means you have all the latest networking technologies right under your fingertips.
You never have to worry about any complex router configuration or the purchase of an internet router that may not work your way. Using the tutorials on this site removes the need for any complex router setup; you just have to acquire the right hardware and follow the walkthroughs to start using it. Since pfSense® provides automatic software update notifications, you will always get immediate access to the very best features with little to no effort. It shines and, in the end, you will have a resounding quality and value for your money!

Is pfSense® suitable for both enterprise and home users?

Absolutely! Even if pfSense® does offer to the enterprise market, it can also be very useful for home users, freelancers, home business owners and tech people that want to maintain their privacy. Using pfSense® software with adjacent hardware will provide you with an incredible set of benefits. You will have no problem boosting your privacy, and the overall results will be second to none in the end. Want to grow your business and take it to new heights or just want to stay safe online; pfSense® will help. Wondering is my router outdated? Thinking of replacing and upgrading your router then go with pfSense® and you will not be disappointed!

Wondering how to replace a router with a new one?

Following the guides on this site will help you in replacing an old or broken router and get you up and running.